totobaggu "kuro"
totobaggu "kuro"
totobaggu "kuro"

totobaggu "kuro"

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totobaggu "kuro"

hello my name is totobaggu

and i am a fairly big tote bag 

created to fit most of all your needs! 

convenient and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time 

i weigh 12 ounces and i am crafted with 100% cotton canvas

my natural webbed handles help you carry more things!

then im finally crafted by the Palacosē atelier to print my 

reflective 3M name on the right side !

thank you for talking to me ! 


we love you 

have a beautiful day 


made to order product 


5-10 business day 


package includes 

accesory box 
official thank you letter 


thank you so much for shopping with us 
take a picture in your totobaggu and tag us 
@palacose #palacose #pala10

totobaggu "kuro"