bini "golden"
bini "golden"
bini "golden"
bini "golden"

bini "golden"

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bini “golden”

hello my name is “bini”

i am a knit cuff beanie created 

to literally keep your head warm. 

i am actually 100% acrylic knit 

with a nice label made by Palacosē

and a hand embroidered stitch finish

lastly im manufactured in America !

thank you for talking to me ! 


we love you 

have a beautiful day 


made to order product 


5-10 business day 


package includes 

accesory box 
official thank you letter 


thank you so much for shopping with us 
take a picture in your bini and tag us 
@palacose #palacose #pala10

bini "golden"
bini "golden"