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Placed in the evocative settings of Matcha Hills Resort in the city of Sososuka, the Resort 2019 collection brings together a variety of inspirations from the man made resort. A combination of modern American + Japanese ready to wear influence and the nature loving culture the Palacose Bini blends the two together. Here presented is the ‘binichan’ an acrylic made beanie with an embroidered collection logo .

  • Tan Acrylic
  • Embroidered Palacose Collection Logo
  • 5 OZ
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Made in America




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*please be advised MATCHA HILLS RESORT is a fictional resort created by Palacose to represent a RESORT for the collection, Sososuka is not a real place, just inspired by the Japanese City “Yokosuka” Thank you.