guravu "the Navy"
guravu "the Navy"
guravu "the Navy"
guravu "the Navy"

guravu "the Navy"

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guravu “the Navy"
hello i am a glove named “guravu”
im 90% polyester with a 10% hint of spandex knit
my first three fingertips are tech accessible 
tech accessible? “you can use your phone with the fingertips, so you don’t have to take me off when you use your phone!” its pretty great don’t you think 
i am a natural hand warmer 
so i added a pocket at the back of the hand 
you can put your metro card in their or ticket stubs 
or anything small and light.
well it was great talking to you 
i hope you enjoy guravu !
we love you 
have a beautiful day 


made to order product 


5-10 business day 


package includes 

accesory box 
official thank you letter 


thank you so much for shopping with us 
take a picture in your guravu and tag us 
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guravu "the Navy"
guravu "the Navy"